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Let me help you . . . you got it wrong!

I have had this said to me a couple of times recently and it sounds scripted, hollow and plainly wrong. The last time I reminded the person, that I was actually helping them retain me as a customer, not the other way around!

Has this happened to you in an interaction with a Call or Contact Center? My credit card was falling apart and so I called the bank and was told they had to stop the card. Why I am not sure as the card still worked, it's just the logo had peeled off. I would have to wait 7-10 working days for a replacement card.

Well, 10 days later and after two calls, having received a letter notifying me of the new card number, I decided to call again. This time the girl said she would "help me" make a report. Interesting right? The bank has not delivered my credit card, is at risk of losing a customer and they think they are helping me, a customer of the bank for over 10 years. What would have entrepreneur led organization done? Well your customer has been waiting for his credit card for over two weeks. It would have got delivered personally!

Is that a challenge for a large organization? Indeed, it is. But the first challenge is really the mindset of the employees. Delivering service is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. Do people in your organization understand their role in providing Customer service? You should find out by speaking with them.

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