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Win Like an Entrepreneur

This is a common knowledge for every entrepreneur – to survive they need to win at sales!

After all the meetings you and your team go through, you end up in a final competitive pitch where you - the “new kid” - is pitted against an incumbent. I find price doesn’t tip the scale in your favor. It just drives the customer to get a better deal from the existing supplier. What can you do to win?

If you want to win the sale and grow your business, you need to offer more than the customers’ “core requirement” and get him to see that only you can satisfy these needs. Think about what you can offer presently for the business while also keeping in mind future “needs” that you can price and factor in competitively. Also be aware of something that the competitor is not doing well and keep that up your sleeve. After all, you do know the competitor is going to highlight your lack of market traction!

Six Battlefields by Mercuri International is a robust tool-methodology that equips your sales force with the ability to win against a competitor. In all my training’s I have found it to be a powerful sales tool strategy that has worked for every scenario we have looked at; ceiling board manufacturer, car distributor, loan provider, software company, to name a few. It’s not just for entrepreneurs – it works for companies of all sizes.

If you are interested to improve your sales competency and performance, connect with me for a free 30-min online business coach consultation.

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