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Passionate About Inspiring Others


Anwar is a leader that was able to bring out the best of the people that he has supervised. His leadership skills coupled with his sharp insights makes him a valuable asset to the organization - no matter the business. His business acumen, steadfastness and decisiveness, coupled with great people skills makes him a complete professional. He is a person that I would look forward working with again. An asset for sure. – Saifulbahri Hassan



Anwar was raised in Penang, Malaysia, before moving abroad to live in several countries. He graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) Naval Architecture from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (United Kingdom, 1979) and an MBA from IMD, Lausanne (Switzerland, 1988).

​He works closely with Entrepreneurs and CEO’s as a Mentor and Business Coach. Anwar serves on the Advisory Panel of the Taylor’s University School of Hospitality and School of Business. He has been a Mentor at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) for the SE Accelerator Program - Malaysia's first social enterprise accelerator designed to improve lives and build a sustainable world.

​​Anwar has over 40 years of business and management experience covering several different industries. His entrepreneurial spirit and interest in management sciences started with his job at FELS-Singapore, where he worked for several years. It was the entrepreneurial culture at FELS, that allowed the company to continually re-invent itself and stay relevant. He was first employed at a shipyard in Newcastle, England, which closed just 8 years after he left. FELS on the other hand, continues to operate. These and other experiences made him realize that to survive companies need to adopt entrepreneurial practices.

Anwar and Sri Vadrevu collaborated to write their book, which was published in 2017; 9-Entrepreneurisms – Management for a VUCA World. Put simply, Anwar and Sri Vadrevu remind corporate executives, “You don’t have to start a business to be an entrepreneur”. The book highlights nine specific traits, or practices that executives need to adopt in order to build agile and sustainable companies.

Most companies will resist getting to get to the root of their problem and instead stick with a “band-aid solution” type of action. 9-Entrepreneurisms lays out a methodology for executives to re-evaluate, not just themselves, but the structure of the organization.

Anwar is committed to bring his learnings to every businesses and corporation. He encourages you to: Manage Like an Entrepreneur | Lead Like an Entrepreneur | Sell Like an Entrepreneur | Hire Like an Entrepreneur | Work Like an Entrepreneur.


“What an entrepreneur has in mind at the beginning may not be what will bring him success. It is about resilience and other important attributes. A well-researched and documented book that demystifies entrepreneurship. When corporations miss out on the 9 entrepreneurisms, they inevitably decline and disappear. A must read."

—  Thierry Maupilé,

Head of Strategic Ecosystem Group

at Cisco / Visiting Faculty & Executive in Residence at IMD

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