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A Recap of the 9 Entrepreneurisms

The Entrepreneurisms and Business Frame we have described in the earlier chapters are required to build the framework for a successful company. Before we begin the discussion on how businesses can transform themselves to be more entrepreneurial, let me summarize the 9 entrepreneurisms.


A confidence in one’s specific abilities and competence to accomplish a certain task.

(Contrast with self-confidence, which is more generic)

beyond self-confidence


Differentiate between real and perceived risks.

Ability to ring-fence risks and make decisions taking into account factors other than hard data. 

not central to entrepreneurship

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About what you are doing, about the outcome or purpose, or just winning. It may grow with success and deplete with the lack of it. Killer instinct reflects the amoral nature of passion, focus is a result of passion.

for an activity or an outcome; killer instinct


To understand clearly the current position and capability, while retaining a robust optimism – Tinted reality. 

data influenced, and tinted


Not just being aware of opportunities; actively seeking them. To pivot when necessary.

actively seeking


A continuous process that requires active listening, experimentation, and new experiences.

experiments to experiences


A two-way pursuit, including judging whether the target is worth persuading at all.  Listening to the signals and responses, even as one is persuading. Negotiation can be seen as a form of persuasion.

2-way action;


Should happen all along the value chain. Most importantly with management practices!

continual exploration


Taking decisions with limited information, allow subordinates time to understand, digest, and act on directives. Attention to execution of the vision.

Follow through to closure.

align with vision & follow through

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